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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Nearly two-thirds of candidates (64 percent) say that diversity and inclusion is an important factor in their decision to accept a job offer. Despite this, only 55 percent of people agree that their organization has policies that promote diversity and inclusion (



Ethnically diverse leadership teams are 36 percent more likely to be profitable. 

Therefore, to recruit and retain a new generation of team members—and see improved business outcomes, you must build teams around a strong focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At Diverse Perspectives, we help you confidently answer and understand these questions about your organization's D.E.I. Framework:

  • The vast majority of employees consider diversity a part of the ideal workplace - What do employees think about your company?

  • Candidates plan to ask about workplace diversity directly - Are you prepared to answer their questions?

  • Companies will lose top candidates who don’t see proof of diversity during the interview - How does your interview process stack up?

We assist organizations like yourself to start a new or expand a current diversity, equity, and inclusion program.

Your sincere commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will directly impact your ability to attract and retain the best talent your industry has to offer; and ultimately, cultivate the community and culture that renders company success!

Schedule a free evaluation with us today. 

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