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Virtual Likeness 

"One day, the virtual world might win over the real world."

-Paul Virilio 

With the explosive growth of digital, augmented reality, it has become important to develop and curate one's own name, image and likeness. Believe it or not, today’s business professionals, creators, influencers, and athletes risk having their name, image, and likeness misused and abused. Yet, these same people also have a unique opportunity. They can harness their name, image, and likeness as a contribution to humanity—to clearly articulate their accomplishments, values, path, and purpose. 

Our Virtual Likeness program establishes the brands of leading professionals, public figures, influencers, as well as collegiate and professional athletes. With our robust backgrounds in technology—consisting of digital branding, storytelling, and augmented design—we work to securely position such personal brands within an increasingly competitive digital landscape.
Our Virtual Services Include:

● Partnering with digital creatives and brand strategist to identify and develop a virtual likeness strategy that aligns with our clients’ personal values and interests.

● Advise and counsel to our clients when it comes to making key decisions pursuant to their virtual likeness strategy, as far as the best technology practices and tools.


● Development of clear key performance indicators for ongoing growth and ultimate success.


● Virtual Likeness customers will receive the benefit of being classified as a strategic One2Gration partner.


This will come with elevated branding and messaging opportunities such as:


Influencer representation in Respocial Media

Key partner in Our Diverse Perspectives Virtual Likeness Business Community Catalogue. 


Schedule a free evaluation with us today. 

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